Our Expertise


High Performance Designs

With experience in nearly every area of Drone design, our team knows what it takes to create high performance machinery. Everything we do is in the spirit of pushing boundries and creating the next level of what is possible.

Custom Made

CNCing, 3D Printing, and hand laying carbon fiber are all tools of the trade for Dysonian Labs. With in-house workshops and access to fabrication facilities in the Bay Area, along with relationships with international manufacturing partners allows us to create nearly any part imaginable.

Race Tested

Our designs are flight tested and raced head to head. Racing drives innovation in every industry associated with it; it's the battlegrounds for which ideas flourish and innovations are made.

Supporting the Industry

Team Dysonian looks to create machinery that pushes the entire industry forward. Not content on making the same thing as everyone else- we strive to create new innovations in areas where the industries potential is largely untapped by constantly being forward looking.

Unrivaled Innovations

From motors to ESC's to new frame developments; we're always pushing the boundaries. Having helped develop the worlds fastest Electronic Speed Controller for BeeRotor. Creating industry standard large scale racing drone motors, driving these machines to speeds faster than thought possible. Reinventing the idea of what materials can be used by creating frames that are lighter and more durable with aircraft and space grade materials. These are just a few of the innovations from Team Dysonian.

Don't follow, lead.