Mongrel FULL Frame Kit X-Class and Beast Class SAF and Folding... Everything!


The most versatile giant racing drone frame from Team Dysonian- the Mongrel is the epitome of badassery. You get everything you need to build an X-Class (810mm) or a Beast Class (480mm) Folding 25mm stack or SAF (Solid As F***) 35mm Stack Frame.

Created out of the need for speed, this ship is the ultimate in high performance machinery. Live life on the edge, go fast, and separate yourself from the rest of the pack with this special edition frame. There is some lead time on the kits depending on the color and finish selected. 1 day to 2 weeks.

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Singularity 800 to 940mm Folding Frame


Carbon Fiber top and bottom plates with 4 Aircraft Aluminum Arms. Arms fold to around 15 x 22" for transportation. Battery can mount top or bottom or both. Great 12s frame can carry massive amounts of batteries. 800 to 940mm Aprox.

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California Vixen - Frame Kit


The Vixen will seduce you with her good looks and incredible agility- you'll love the way she flies. Light, Agile, Fast, Durable- created to find a perfect blend between speed and maneuverability, all while creating a machine less intimidating for newcomers getting into giant drone racing. This is the machine for you! There is some lead time depending on the color and finish selected. 1 day to 2 weeks.

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Bare-Bones Mongrel Frame X-Class or Beast Class


This is the Bare-Bones X-Class Mongrel Race Frame. 4 Arms and Top and Bottom carbon fiber plates.

You will want the Hardware kit to get the nuts bolts and standoffs its $14.95 this will allow you to build out a folding 25mm stack frame.

To build a more solid frame a 35mm stack you will also need to add the UNIVERS-AL Clamp set. RED or BLACK.

The preferred prop is the Master Airscrew T1312

Or buy them here on the site. The TPU and PETG kit parts will be available in packs soon.

The hardware pack may be purchased here...

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Tempered Aluminum Hub


The New Precession Metal Hub design allows for removable arms secured only by a couple bolts. We dare you to try and break it.

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Aircraft Grade Aluminum Arm


Using T6 aircraft grade aluminugm precision engineered and manufactured in house using our custom machining processes to ensure the most precise, durable, and lightest possible solution. Get your arms polished to a silky mirror chrome finish for an extra fee- give your frame that extra bit of SHINY!

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Universal Camera Pod


This pod works with both the Soul & Vixen design, choose from a variety of juicy colors! Based on the Open Source California Special Camera Pod Design by Team VonDrone

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X-Class PDB 300-600a


X-Class 300-600a PDB with or without 3a adjustable DC-DC converter/regulator.

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Battery Mounting Plate


Made to fit a 5000mah 6s Battery - This battery mounting plate can also be used for GoPro seat mounting, giving you room in front and in back of the aircraft for cameras.

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Bits & Bobs Pack


Standoffs & Screws Pack - Building the frame from parts? Need spares? We've got you covered.

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Want your X Class Copter to be able to easily fold up and carry on board an airliner?

Is Quick arm replacement important to you? Want light weight and strong arms?

Tired of breaking and waiting for expensive thin carbon fiber arms to get your bird back in the air?

Well here is one solution for you...

The Team Dysonian UNIVERS-AL arms.

Hexagon mount ends so you can clamp it for a solid attachment or mod your frame for a folding arm rig. 3d printable files will be made available to print on your own or you can buy them printed for you from a couple of sources. List of known frames they fit will be up on the website and links to the frames....
The forged motor mounts allow for any motor to fit that has 25x25mm 30x30mm or anything in between. No need to clamp another motor mount to your arm end adding un-needed weight and expense.

You can wrap, paint, polish or anodize your arms any way you like.

Buy 1 or buy 10 same low price of $12.99ea

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Mongrel X-Class/Beast Class Motor Pads ~5mm Thick Fits all UNIVERS-AL Arms Set of 4


Soft mounted motor pads help reduce vibration at the source- keeping it from getting introduced into the frame. Easier tuning, cleaner video, and a bit of colorful flare for your machine garunteed.

Also gives space for any bering or extension below the motor base. ~5mm

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For special custom orders. Adds total amount / cost to order for products not yet listed, or special services.

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