The D9 is the second generation machine from Dysonian

Taking the lessons learned from creating the Raptor, a pentacopter with a propeller mounted on the back for extra thrust. The D9 takes a more traditional approach while using some of the highest quality materials available, from space grade carbon fiber to custom design carbon plates from the ground up.

The D9 serves as a test bed for a large variety of use cases. From crash testing, to long range endurance flights that push the limit of possibility. Capable of having dual mounted top & bottom batteries allows for the D9 to test a wide variety of battery configurations from individual batteries per motor to carrying a whopping 28,000mah 6s Tattu Battery.

D9 Airframe
ZoeFPV 950kv Motors
BeeRotor 80amp ESC
1.3 Ghz Long Range VTX
13x8 MAS Propellers
5000mah 6s to 28,000mah 6s

Development for this machine is considered finished - currently only one of these machines exists.