Built for speed- accelerates faster than a Bugatti Veyron

The California Soul is based off the opensource California Special from by Team Von Drone, using an upgraded aluminum frame mixed with the lightest weight design in X Class. Initially unveiled at the beginning of November 2017, it broke 130mp during the first day of test flights. It has since become the primary platform for Team Dysonian, focusing efforts on variations of this frame.

Being the first frame in X Class to use aircraft grade aluminum. While heavier than carbon fiber, it eliminates the need for heavy and expensive motor mounts. This design allows for much cheaper fabrication along with being lighter than traditional carbon fiber armed frames, and much more durable than the original wood arms of the special design.

Build List for the California Soul frame:
Motors: Unreleased
Propellers: Unreleased
Battery: Unreleased
ESC's: BeeRotor 80amp running Multishot
Flight Controller: BeeRotor F3 running BetaFlight 3.2
Camera: RunCam Swift 2
VTX: TeamBlackSheep Unify Pro