Mongrel FULL Frame Kit X-Class and Beast Class SAF and Folding... Everything!


The most versatile giant racing drone frame from Team Dysonian- the Mongrel is the epitome of badassery. You get everything you need to build an X-Class (810mm) or a Beast Class (480mm) Folding 25mm stack or SAF (Solid As F***) 35mm Stack Frame.

Created out of the need for speed, this ship is the ultimate in high performance machinery. Live life on the edge, go fast, and separate yourself from the rest of the pack with this special edition frame. There is some lead time on the kits depending on the color and finish selected. 1 day to 2 weeks.


This frame was developed from the ground up to incorporate the features requested by the team pilots.

The builder can decide if they want a folding frame that's lighter and able to fit in a backpack and carry on an airliner or a more solid and durable configuration.

With the introduction of the UNIVERS-AL system; Arms that are damaged can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. low cost and low weight out at the arms end with the motor mount being part of the arm. Arms have the ability to absorb impact stresses can be bent back around 3 times or until signs of metal fatigue show and need to be replaced. This is something you can not do with a Carbonfiber arm. Once you break it your done.

Incorporating 6061 Forged Aircraft Grade Aluminum Arms custom manufactured to high tolerances, giving you less flex and movement in your frame. ; melding traditional aircraft design with the highest in performance drone design. With in-house 3D Printed parts custom made to order out of durable & flexible materials chosen to withstand the impact and abuse of flying a giant racing drone, giving the machine strength and flexibility where it needs it most.

The Precession design allows for removable arms secured only by a bolt. Bend an arm in a crash? You can now easily swap it for field repairs and get back in the air in minutes. Designed to be broken down or folded to fit in most overhead bins for travel, making it one of the most portable frame designs on the market. Designed to go where you go you wherever you want to take it.

One of the lightest frames around. Incorporating direct mount motors, eliminating the need for heavy mounting hardware found on other frames. This means less tip-weight, more agility, with increased durability in a crash. The frame places the majority of the weight in the direct center of the frame, along with underneath the prop line, giving it inherent stability and making it easy to tune.

Soft Mounted Motors - The First Giant Racing Drone Frame of it's kind to Introduce soft mounted motor pads, this helps reduce vibration at the source and keep it from getting introduced into the frame. With these larger machines everything is bigger, and that includes the potential amount of vibration introduced into the machine. Even the most balanced systems will still create resonant frequency within the frame, making the flight controller work harder to compensate and overall makes the machine harder to tune. While you can save weight and run without the motor pads, they are highly recommended.

810mm Motor-to-Motor



512 to 650 Grams just the frame...

4x UNIVERS-AL X-Class Forged Aircraft Aluminum Arms.

4x UNIVERS-AL Beast Class Forged Aircraft Aluminum Arms.

1x Top & 1x Bottom Plate.
1x Camera Pod, Fits "Normal" sized camera with a 2.1 lens.
1x Set of Arm Shims for 25mm stack Folding setup.
1 Full Set of Standoffs nuts and bolts to do either 25mm or 35mm stack folding or SAF. Current standoff color is gold.

1 Set of SAF 35mm stack arm clamps (RED or Black) my choice based on what I think will look good with your color choice.

1 Set of motor pads.

1 Set of APD120 ESC holders.

1 Camera Mount.

1 Battery protector.

Recommended Parts:
(comming soon)